As environmental regulations continues to grow in complexity on a global scale, the need to produce parts that meet new emissions becomes critical. We work with our customers, up front, co-creating a plan for cleanliness. Then, we execute the task to its highest level. A few microns in many cases is not allowed, so Millipore testing is crucial in these applications. Some products require little to no cleaning, so understanding this requirement and designing it into your process is paramount. Many of our parts go from wash to assembly. We have the capabilities to assemble a variety of components and test them upon completion.

  • MOVAC deburring and washing unit
  • Over 7,000 PSI
  • First of its kind in North America
  • Millipore testing and analysis
  • Compliance with ever-changing emissions standards
  • Collectively establish cleanliness plan with customer
  • Assemble and test to various customer specifications