Implementing Thorough Testing and Inspection Processes

At Pioneer Products, quality control is priority number one. We understand that even the smallest defects can have a major impact on the performance of your products, so our specialists take great care to ensure that every manufactured part meets Pioneer’s high standards. We start by clearly defining the specifications for each part during the design process. Once the parts are manufactured, we subject them to rigorous testing to make sure they meet our requirements. Finally, we perform a final inspection before shipment to ensure that the products meet our customers’ expectations. By following these procedures, we can be confident that your parts and products will meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)

Our coordinate measuring machines (CMM) are metrology instruments used to measure the dimensions of manufactured parts to prevent or resolve quality issues. CMM machines are used in many industries, such as automotive and aerospace, for quality assurance. CMM machines are very accurate, and can measure dimensions to a high degree of precision. We use our CMMs in production environments to test parts so we can make sure they respect the original design intent. CMM machines are typically used in conjunction with other quality assurance tools, such as inspection reports and CAD models, to ensure that products meet specifications. In summary, CMM machines are an essential tool for ensuring the quality of products and components.

Digital Microscopes

The Keyence digital microscope is a powerful tool that Pioneer Products uses to fully focus on 3d objects and capture images for measuring. It is fast and accurate, and allows us to observe from any angle. The microscope that Pioneer uses is fully focused, meaning that the entire field of view is in focus at the same time. This is in contrast to traditional microscopes, which require the user to manually adjust the focus in order to get a clear image. The digital microscope has been essential in helping us to improve our manufacturing process and produce higher quality products.

Quality Management Certificates

The following certificates were awarded based on the manufacture of precision machined products. An audit conducted and documented in a report, has verified that these quality management system fulfill the requirements of the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016 (International Automotive Standard)